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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

We continue to offer unparalleled knowledge and more than 24 years of combined success working with home buyers and sellers in the Payson area real estate market. Our team is made up of specialists whose skills complement our strengths and whose genuine care for clients reflects our family values.



Payson's Premier Real Estate Agent

My ability to listen — to take the time to learn what my clients truly want, need and dream of — informs my professional sense of ethics more than any other philosophy. After all, my clients are smart enough to know what they want, my job is to help them realize that vision by listening to what they’re saying and keeping them on track, then taking care of the details.


Combine my listening skills with my commitment to being responsive and you’ve got a combination that keeps my clients coming back, year after year, as well as referring their friends and family.


My insatiable need to keep on learning doesn’t hurt, either. Seven days a week, I’m out there researching the market, talking to people about their homes and providing helpful information. I keep my eye on all the listings — whether it’s a new home on the market, a pending sale or a done deal — so that when people ask me questions, I can give them an informed answer.


For me, being a Realtor isn’t just a part-time hobby; this is my full-time job, and I treat it as such. Perhaps that’s why I respect my clients enough to listen to their needs, work toward supporting their dreams and have the courage to face any problems head-on. I’m well aware that my industry has gotten a bad rap in the last few years, but I’m committed to turning that around. That means that I focus on being available, responsive and respectful — and I expect the same from those that I work with. That’s why I follow a strict, appointment-only policy that places appropriate value on both our time.

I often say that being a Realtor requires the ability to be an extreme multi-tasker; perhaps that’s another skill I learned in the music industry. It boils down to one simple truth: When you treat each and every client like a rockstar — listening to their needs and striving to make the deal just right for them — everything else will fall into place.

Meet The Team

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